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Cancer Day Care Centre in Khar

Cancer Day Care Centre in Kora Kendra

Cancer Day Care Centre in Khar

Cancer Daycare Centre is a specialized facility designed to provide comprehensive care to patients undergoing cancer treatment. It is a setting where patients can receive care and support for short procedures/therapies outside the inpatient hospital setting environment. It usually allows patients to walk home on the same day causing fewer troubles of an overnight stay in hospitals. 

Uhapo’s cancer daycare center provides navigation services to cancer patients at the Khar, Mumbai location with also a set up of well-equipped home care services to provide care and support to caregivers and cancer patient community with treatment options such as advanced-level therapies, medical oncology, chemotherapy, and all the daycare suites. Uhapo also provides access to additional services including specialized nurses, general physicians, palliative care support, dietitians, pain management specialists, and motivational programs for an ideal treatment experience for cancer patients.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. These cells can invade and destroy surrounding tissues and may also spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Cancer can affect virtually any organ or tissue in the body, and there are numerous types of cancer in the human body each with its own characteristics, behaviors, and treatment options.

The treatment of cancer often involves a combination of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies. Early detection and advances in cancer research have led to improved outcomes for many cancer patients, but the overall approach to cancer care depends on the specific type and stage of the disease. In addition to that, regular screenings, lifestyle modifications, and awareness of potential risk factors can also contribute to the prevention and early detection of cancer.

Uhapo cancer care navigation services

Cancer Day Care Centre in Khar

Why is a Cancer Daycare Centre important?

Cancer Daycare centers are designed to reduce the stress and worries involved in hospitalization procedures. Considering the fact that many therapies are short and require only a few hours to be completed. Therefore, an overnight stay is pointless as it increases the overall cost and causes unnecessary discomfort for families and relatives. Cancer Daycare centers fulfill the demand for same-day treatment by providing a quality care approach dedicated to the human touch.

Where to find a good Cancer Daycare Center in Khar-Mumbai?

Uhapo Health Services is one of the first navigation service providers that offers access to cancer daycare centers in Khar-Mumbai and has become a pioneer in providing cancer homecare and daycare services. Our community of caregivers and survivors has adopted a seamless approach to reducing the discomfort among families and patients with in-house treatment facilities. In addition to that, our daycare services also saves time, money, and needless disruptions in your daily regime. It operates on Uhapo’s Cancer Treatment Navigator for delivering appropriate services to cancer patients in need including –

Education and Information

  • Provide information about the cancer diagnosis, treatment options, and potential side effects.
  • understandably explain medical terminologies to facilitate informed decision-making.

Treatment Decision Support

  • Assist patients in understanding and evaluating different treatment options.
  • Collaborate with the healthcare team to ensure patients are well-informed about the potential benefits and risks of each treatment.

Coordination of Care

  • Schedule and coordinate medical appointments, tests, and procedures.
  • Facilitate communication between various healthcare providers to ensure a cohesive and well-coordinated treatment plan.

Emotional Support

  • Offer emotional support and counseling to patients and their families.
  • Connect patients with support groups or mental health professionals to address the emotional aspects of dealing with cancer.


  • Advocate for patients’ needs, preferences, and concerns within the healthcare system.
  • Ensure that patients have a voice in their treatment decisions and care plan.

Financial Assistance

  • Assist patients in understanding insurance coverage and navigating financial aspects of their care.
  • Connect patients with financial assistance programs and resources to alleviate the economic burden of cancer treatment.

Community Resources

  • Provide information about local community resources, support groups, and organizations that can offer additional assistance.
  • Connect patients with services that address practical needs, such as transportation and lodging during treatment.

Navigating Clinical Trials

  • Provide information about available clinical trials and help patients explore participation options.
  • Assist with the logistics of enrollment and participation in clinical trials.

Communication Facilitation

  • Establish effective communication between patients, their families, and the healthcare team.
  • Ensure that information is relayed clearly and that patients feel well-informed throughout their cancer journey.

Symptom Management

  • Assist in managing and addressing treatment-related symptoms and side effects.
  • Advocate for adjustments to the treatment plan based on patients’ experiences and challenges.

Survivorship Planning

  • Collaborate with healthcare providers to develop survivorship plans for patients completing their primary cancer treatment.
  • Provide information and resources for long-term follow-up care and monitoring.

 End-of-Life Planning

  • Facilitate discussions about end-of-life care preferences and advance care planning.
  • Assist in coordinating hospice care when appropriate.

Continuous Follow-Up

  • Maintain regular contact with patients to assess ongoing needs and provide continuous support.
  • Adapt services based on the evolving needs and challenges of the patient throughout their cancer journey.

The role of a Cancer Care Navigator is dynamic, adapting to the unique needs of each patient. By providing comprehensive support and guidance, these navigators aim to improve the overall experience and outcomes for individuals and their families facing cancer.

In conclusion, the navigation services provided by Cancer Day Care Centers are integral to creating a supportive and patient-centric environment for individuals undergoing cancer treatment. The extensive role of Uhapo Health Services in assisting patients with the availability of cancer daycare centers significantly contributes to the well-being and positive outcomes of illnesses.

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