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Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism is a term used when a person travels outside of the country to seek healthcare services. Tourism in the last few decades has offered extensive treatment access to patients by competent doctors with all the best healthcare facilities. It also increases the scope of receiving medical healthcare from several countries across the world.

Why consider Medical or surgical procedures in India?

India is a landmark for one of the best doctors in the world. As access to highly qualified doctors in India has become easy many international patients travel to India for acquiring treatments or surgeries.

Medical Tourism in India has increased its popularity in the past few years due to the admittance of top-notch medical facilities at affordable costs. In comparison to western countries, India also has gained momentum in oncology medical tourism for high-quality treatments. India offers a wide range of cancer treatment options from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, or surgeries in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. In females, medical tourism breast cancer has also increased in number due to an increase in age, obesity, alcohol consumption, and family history. So, the oncology medical tourism of India helps in effective cancer treatments with proper healthcare. India is also the best choice for high-end surgeries such as bypass, spinal fusion surgeries, and transplant surgeries at lower costs.

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What are the main categories of Medical tourism?

Medical Tourism in India comprises three major categories including –

  1. Inbound Medical Tourism A type of tourism in which international patients travel to your country for treatment
  2. Outbound Medical Tourism In this, patients from your own country travel abroad for receiving medical treatment or surgeries.
  3. Domestic Tourism In this type of tourism, patients travel from one state to another state in a particular country for medical treatment.

The most popular treatments medical tourism in India is known for are bone marrow transplants, liver transplants, cardiac bypass, dental, cosmetic surgery, and cancer treatment.

Why choose us?

Uhapo provides comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. We are a team of doctors and caregivers that works extensively for cancer patients offering services such as Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Physicians, Home Care services, Molecular Diagnostics, Cancer Support groups, and financial assistance too. Uhapo has also established “Uhapo Seva Kendra’ at various locations in Mumbai for the navigation of cancer services to patients. The patients can visit there and talk to our caregivers for getting adequate cancer treatment help. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with medications, therapy sessions, surgeries, support care, and motivational programs. We ensure to improve the outcomes and success rate of cancer patients with our new advanced technological solutions.

Benefits of oncology medical tourism 

The benefits of cancer medical tourism are based on cancer patients’ needs. It offers many advantages such as 

  1. Affordable cost-effective treatment
  2. Highly skilled and qualified professionals
  3. Advanced medical treatment and facilities
  4. No communication barrier
  5. Best Travel destinations to explore
  6. Easy and smooth procedures for treatments.

Cancer treatment medical tourism in India can benefit from Uhapo’s extensive range of services from therapies, surgeries, customer care support, motivational programs, homecare services, wigs, prostheses, and financial aid.

Is medical tourism in India safe?

Medical tourism in India is considered to be safe as we never comprise on quality with lower cost. Medical treatments in India are top-notch, affordable, and of high quality to patients worldwide. Medical tourism for cancer treatment also has gained popularity to a vast extent and is extremely safe as compared to other countries via our surgical specialists, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and medication availability. Uhapo’s team of professionals plays a huge role in providing safe and efficient healthcare facilities for cancer patients at affordable costs with significant support and care.

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