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Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh

About, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh

Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh is an Assistant Professor in Medical Oncology currently working at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He enlightens on lung cancer finding that is the most prevalent type of cancer globally today. He educates students at Tata Memorial Hospital on symptoms, diagnoses, and procedures for excellent treatments on various cancer health issues.


Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh has a medical specialty in –

  • Lung Cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Radiation Therapy


  • Ph.D. – Tata Institute of Social Sciences


Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh is working at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences for over 7 years.  He specializes in educating students on Lung Cancer that happens in the age group of 65 years or above. The medical condition is difficult to diagnose easily. It highly depends on the type, causes, and impact and the treatment options may vary. He was also responsible for large-scale education projects on Lung Cancer. Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh possesses an impressive amount of knowledge in the field of Medical Oncology and constantly makes efforts to be updated on the comprehensive advancement of technologies. 

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