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Dr Shishir Shetty

Dr Shishir Shetty

Dr. Shishir Shetty, M.S, M.Ch, is a distinguished figure in the field of Oncology Services. As the Professor and Head at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, he spearheads groundbreaking advancements in surgical oncology. With over 20 years of dedicated experience, he brings profound expertise to his practice. 


Dr. Shishir Shetty is a medical specialist in the following major interventions including –

  • Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery 
  • High Risk Surgeries 
  • Complex Thoracic and Hepato-Biliary Surgery 
  • Organ Preserving Surgeries for Breast 
  • Head & Neck surgery 
  • Colorectal surgery 
  • Uro-Gynaec Oncology 


  • MBBS, 1995, Dr. D Y patil Medical College Nerul
  • MS, 1999, KIMS Hubli
  • MCh, 2003, Tata Memorail Hospital



  • Maharastra Medical Council
  • Indian Society of Oncologist (ISO)
  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)
  • Mumbai Oncology Association (MOA)
  • Indian Association of Cancer Research (IACR)
  • Treasurer- ASIACON 2022
  • DNB and M. Ch. Guide, Teacher and Examiner
  • Mumbai Surgical Society

Awards and Achievements

  • Abdul Kalam award Honoured by Govt of Orissa for exemplary work 


  • Multiple International and National Publications
  • TEDx speaker – Delivered Multiple International speeches and Presentations

Research Projects

  • Fluorine – 18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography-computed tomography in the evaluation of residual intramuscular myxoma Zade A, Ahire A, Shetty S, RaiS, Bokka R, VelumaniA, Kabnurkar R.lndian J Nucl Med. 201 5 Jan-Mar;30(1 ):75-7. DOI: 1 0.41 03/0972-3919.147 553. PMID:25589814
  • Dr. Abhishek A Kanbarkar, Dr. Shishir Shetty, Dr. Nikhi [rane Neuroendocrine Tumor of Duodenum: A Rare Case Report Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vot.5, issue: 12 December 2015
  • Massive Hemoptysis during pregnancy Chhajed PN, Kate A, Chaudhari P, Tulasigiri C, Shetty S, Kesarwani R, Jhawar N. J Assoc Physicians India. 2011 Oct;59:660-2.PM|D.22479749
  • Laryngeal Lymphoma: Before and After Chemotherapy Kate AH, Sandeepa HS, Khare S, Lokeshwar N, Shetty S, Tulasigeri C, Chhajed PN. J Assoc Physicians India. 2014 Nov;62(11):45-6.PMID:26281481
  • Neoadjuvant Bronchoscopic intervention: bridge to lung parenchyma sparing surgery Kate AH, Shah PS, Shukla NB, Chhajed PN, Shetty SN.J Cancer Res Ther. 201 3 Oct-Dec;9(4):760-1 . DOI: 10.41 03/097X1482.126497 . PMID:24518744
  • Extra-oral knotting of the tie over sutures; a novel technique to bolster the split-thickness skin graft for a buccal mucosal defect Chaturvedi P, Pai PS, Decruz AK, Pathak KA, Chaukar DA, Des

Dr. Shetty’s commitment to patient care and innovative treatment approaches is commendable. Under his leadership, Apollo Hospitals continues to be at the forefront of delivering excellence in oncological care.

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