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Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Revolutionizing Prostate Cancer Treatment: Uhapo Health Services Pioneers Affordable and Comprehensive Care in India

Prostate cancer is one of the sixth leading causes of cancer deaths among men and is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer worldwide. It demands comprehensive and accessible care for effective treatment. In India, the Prostate Cancer Healing Hub at Uhapo Health Services stands at the forefront, offering a shift in cancer treatment. Uhapo offers access to excellence in cancer treatment to every patient at an affordable cost to fight this battle against prostate cancer.

Early Detection Programs:

Uhapo Health Services spreads awareness of early detection by organizing educational programs and campaigns. These programs increase the survival rate by emphasizing the importance of early detection at an early stage helping in saving lives and improving the chances of treatment outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Team:

We guide you to top oncologists and specialist teams for effective treatment plans on individual patient needs. This approach ensures comprehensive care from diagnosis to recovery.

Get Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in India with Top Oncologist.

Advanced Treatment Options:

Uhapo Health Services navigates cancer patients to a wide range of treatment options from robotic surgery, targeted therapy, and radiation techniques for the best treatment and survival.

Supportive Care Services:

Uhapo offers supportive care services that include counseling, nutritional support, and pain management to deal with the physical, emotional, and mental effects of cancer. We guide you 

Patient Education and Empowerment:

Uhapo believes in empowering patients with knowledge about their condition and treatment options. Through educational programs and resources, patients are equipped to make informed decisions about their care.

Follow-up Care:

Post-treatment, Uhapo ensures thorough follow-up care to monitor the patient’s progress and address any potential issues promptly, promoting long-term health and well-being.

Research and Innovation:

Uhapo Health Services is committed to ongoing research and innovation in prostate cancer treatment. By staying at the forefront of medical advancements, Uhapo continuously improves treatment outcomes for its patients.


Uhapo collaborates with international cancer centers to exchange knowledge, expertise, and best practices, further enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.


Recognizing the financial burden of cancer treatment, Uhapo Health Services offers low-cost yet high-quality care ensuring that all patients, regardless of their economic status can access the best possible treatment for prostate cancer.


  • What are the common symptoms of prostate cancer?

A: The symptoms are frequent urination, difficulty urinating, blood in urine or semen, erectile dysfunction, and pain in the pelvic area or lower back.

  • At what age should men start screening for prostate cancer?

A: Men should consider starting screening at age 50, or earlier if they have a family history of prostate cancer or other risk factors.

  • What are the treatment options for prostate cancer?

A: Treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy, depending on the stage and aggressiveness of the cancer.

  • What lifestyle changes can help prevent prostate cancer?

A: Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

  • Is prostate cancer curable?

A: Prostate cancer is often curable through early detection. However, the prognosis depends on various factors such as the stage of cancer, overall health, and response to treatment.


Prostate Cancer Healing Hub represents a pioneer to patients battling prostate cancer in India. Uhapo is committed to providing excellence in care to transform the landscape of cancer treatment by helping patients in need.

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