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Prosthesis for breast cancer patient

Prosthesis for breast cancer patient

Prosthesis for breast cancer patient

Breast cancer can lead to various insecurities and emotional challenges for patients. Dealing with physical changes, body image concerns, and the overall impact on self-esteem can be particularly difficult. Mostly, breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery may consider various options for breast prosthetics to restore their natural appearance and symmetry.

By offering breast prosthesis, our Uhapo Healthcare Services for cancer patients and caregivers helps patients feel more comfortable and confident in their appearance. So, that they can have a good influence on their general well-being with expeditious recovery.

Guidance on Breast Prosthesis for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Types of Breast Prosthesis

  • External Breast Prosthesis – These are wearable breast forms that can be placed inside a bra or attached to the body using adhesive. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts.
  • Partial Breast Prosthesis (Shapers) – These prosthesis are designed to fill in specific areas of the breast that may have been affected by surgery. They help achieve balanced symmetry and contour.

Customization and fitting of Prosthesis

Prosthesis for breast cancer patients is available in different sizes, shapes, and skin tones to match the patient’s preferences and natural breasts. Proper fitting and selection are essential for comfort and a natural appearance.

Prosthesis for breast cancer patient

Temporary vs. Permanent Prosthesis

Some patients may opt for temporary prosthesis shortly after surgery, while others may choose more permanent solutions for long-term wear.

Post-Surgical Healing

Patients usually wait until their surgical incisions have healed before being fitted for a permanent prosthesis. Temporary prosthesis or soft forms may be worn during the initial healing period.

Weight and Material of Prosthesis

Prosthesis comes in different weights and materials, such as silicone or foam. Patients can choose the option that feels most comfortable and suits their lifestyle.

Swim Form Prosthesis

Special swim forms are available for breast cancer survivors who want to participate in water-based activities while maintaining symmetry.

Mastectomy Bras

Special mastectomy bras are designed to hold and support breast prostheses securely and comfortably. These bras address the unique needs and comfort of prosthetics for breast cancer survivors – providing support, coverage, and a secure fit while accommodating patient wear.

Maintenance and Care

Prosthesis for breast cancer patients are durable, but they require proper care and maintenance to ensure longevity. Therefore, patients should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and storage.

Psychosocial Support

Prosthesis for breast cancer survivors not only restores physical appearance but also plays a role in boosting self-confidence and body image. Psychosocial support and counseling can help patients adjust to these changes.


Prosthesis for breast cancer survivors can also help in preventing secondary health issues that might arise from the physical changes caused by cancer and its treatments. The issues consist of muscle atrophy, joint problems, and postural imbalances that can cause further damage. 

Breast cancer patients considering breast prosthesis options should consult with their healthcare team, including oncologists and specialized fitters to find the most suitable option for their individual needs. A well-fitted and properly chosen breast prosthesis can contribute significantly to a cancer survivor’s physical comfort, and emotional recovery to improve the overall quality of life.

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