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Cancer Conclave 2024

The Cancer Conclave 2024

Unlocking Insights, Inspiring Change: Cancer Conclave 2024

As the world marks World Cancer Day on 4th February 2024, UHAPO and CRSF proudly present a groundbreaking virtual event – The Cancer Conclave 2024. This unique gathering aims to reflect on current practices, explore advancements in cancer care, and pave the way for better treatment outcomes. Join us in this intellectual journey to delve into the nuances of cancer advocacy and witness key highlights that promise to reshape the landscape of cancer care in India.

Patient Advocacy in Cancer:
Our journey begins with a focus on the heart of cancer care – the patients. Patient advocacy in cancer is not just a concept; it’s a lifeline. Learn about the empowering efforts to navigate the intricate maze of diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Discover how patient voices drive change and redefine the narrative of cancer care.

Access to Newer Therapies in Cancer:
In the ever-evolving field of oncology, access to innovative therapies is pivotal. Join us to explore the latest advancements, breakthrough treatments, and the pressing need for making these options accessible to all. Learn how unlocking these therapies can revolutionize the way we combat cancer.

Cancer Research and Advocacy:
Research and advocacy are inseparable allies in the fight against cancer. Dive into discussions on the symbiotic relationship between cancer research and advocacy. Understand how advocating for research funding, ethical practices, and transparency contributes to groundbreaking discoveries and ultimately, better patient outcomes.

Role of Advocacy Groups in Cancer:
Advocacy groups play a crucial role in shaping cancer care policies, raising awareness, and offering support to those affected. Explore inspiring stories of advocacy groups making a difference and understand how collective efforts can drive systemic change.

Palliative Care and End-of-Life Support:
Navigating end-of-life care with compassion is an integral part of cancer care. Learn about the significance of palliative care, providing comfort, dignity, and support to patients and their families. Join the conversation on how end-of-life support can be improved and integrated into the broader healthcare framework.

Insurance for Cancer:
Financial burdens should never hinder access to quality cancer care. Delve into the complexities of cancer insurance – the challenges, innovations, and the way forward. Understand the role of insurance in providing financial security and ensuring that no one is left behind in the journey of cancer treatment.

Public-Private Partnership:
The collaboration between the public and private sectors is pivotal for comprehensive cancer care. Explore successful models of public-private partnerships, understand the challenges, and envision a future where the synergy between these sectors results in improved healthcare accessibility and quality.

Government Schemes and Their Implementation:
Government initiatives can be catalysts for change. Analyze the impact of existing government schemes in cancer care and delve into effective implementation strategies. By understanding the successes and challenges, we can collectively work towards optimizing the benefits of these schemes for the greater good.

Ignite Your Intellect at the Cancer Conclave 2024! 🌟
This event promises to be a powerhouse of knowledge, featuring 40 eminent faculties across 10 power-packed sessions during a rigorous 4-hour brainstorming session. Join us to unite against the challenges of disease and be part of the transformative change you wish to see. Through #DiseaseAdvocacy, let’s together fuel progress in cancer care. 💪🔬🩺

Learn more – Watch The Cancer Conclave 2024

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