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Unlocking Potential: Advocacy in Government Schemes | The Cancer Conclave 2024
Empowering Futures: Advocacy Unleashed in Government Schemes at The Cancer Conclave 2024 by UHAPO Let me invite Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, who is the CEO of Utsaah Foundation and founder of Lung Connect India, Dr. Kunal Oswal is the Lead of Screening and Early Detection at Karkinos Healthcare, Dr. Rushabh Kothari – Medical Oncologist at Ahmedabad, […]
Ms. Vandana Mahajan Unveils Achievements in Cancer Advocacy
Empowering Hope: Ms. Vandana Mahajan Unveils Achievements in Cancer Advocacy | Cancer Conclave 2024 Hello Vivekji, thank you for the warm welcome. Today is World Cancer Day, and I’m grateful that I got an opportunity to communicate to you on cancer advocacy. Now, I’ll be sharing a presentation with you all – it covers cancer […]
Cancer Conclave 2024
Unlocking Insights, Inspiring Change: Cancer Conclave 2024 As the world marks World Cancer Day on 4th February 2024, UHAPO and CRSF proudly present a groundbreaking virtual event – The Cancer Conclave 2024. This unique gathering aims to reflect on current practices, explore advancements in cancer care, and pave the way for better treatment outcomes. Join […]

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