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Brain Metastasis in Lung Cancer | Dr. Somnath Roy & Vivek Sharma Discuss Latest Research

Brain Metastasis in Lung Cancer | Dr. Somnath Roy & Vivek Sharma Discuss Latest Research

Beyond the Horizon: Unraveling the Mysteries of Brain Metastasis in Lung Cancer with Dr. Somnath Roy & Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma: Hello. My name is Vivek Sharma. I talk about cancer by bringing in front of you oncologists and experts on My Channel. So, that your concerns get addressed through our videos, and I am also very grateful for your support. Our channel reaches nearly two and a half million people and we have also gained around 14000 subscribers in the journey, and the majority of our subscribers are patients and caregivers. Let me introduce you today to our guest Dr. Somanath Roy, a well-known medical oncologist practicing at TMC Kolkata. I have brought him here today only for you guys. I would like to talk to him and also acknowledge him for the outstanding work he and his team have done on lung cancer.

Dr. Somanath Roy has conducted a study on a drug that works for advanced lung cancer cases with metastasis to the brain. Please enlighten our audience more on it…

Dr. Somanath Roy – We are following the data of ARCHER i.e. called as the commodity in advanced lung cancer. The medication proves effective even when the disease has spread to the brain. It also works well for lung cancer that has spread to other parts. Even if we give the dosage in low amounts it still works. This study also indicates that it helps in reducing the overall cost of therapy, making it economically beneficial for patients. It has proven to be effective in our Indian population where we come across lung cancer cases every day. 

Vivek Sharma: This is significant good news because when we talk about brain metastasis it affects the patient’s brain or heart and in such cases, the condition keeps on getting severe. If a drug proves to be effective in overcoming these metastatic symptoms, it is really excellent news in the cancer field.

So, Doctor can you Please tell us more about the type of patients you have selected, and how you involved those patients?

Dr. Somanath Roy: The patients that have visited us actually came to us after biopsy when they got detected with the presence of carcinoma, consisting of especially EGFR-positive mutations with common mutation subgroups of Del19/L858

After confirmation of these EGFR mutations post-biopsy, we gave the drug to two categories of patients –some patients received a standard dose and others lower doses. We did follow-up of these patients for approximately 2 years and we’ve got amazing data reports on survival, and progression-free survival, and have also noticed improved quality of life for patients who are in the advanced stage of brain metastasis. 

The medication has extended their survival by about two and a half years, costing them around Rs. 40,000 for lower dose drugs, and for standard drugs a little more than Rs 40,000. But, the company here recognizes the prolonged commitment of regular customers who have been recipients of the standard drug for ten months and extends a generous offer by providing the medication free of cost for a lifetime. 

Vivek Sharma: Due to this drug, the patient successfully survives for a period of two years by providing a remarkable enhancement in their overall quality of life. This achievement not only signifies a positive outcome in terms of survival but also points towards a substantial improvement in the patient’s well-being and daily functioning with advanced treatment approaches.

Thank You so much Doctor, Your efforts have been instrumental in enlightening us today about the remarkable work taking place at such an advanced level in our country. He has conducted medical research and study on this drug, involving 114 patients in the advanced stages of brain cancer, increasing their survival period by two years. 

Amazing, Thank You so much. This information has been truly impactful and enlightening in advancements of our nation’s medical landscape.

Keep on contributing to our Indian Society, and continue your dedicated work for our patients and community. Your commitment is deeply appreciated by everyone. Thank you so much!

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Rohini Shinde
May 14, 2024
Sheds light on the complexities of brain metastasis in lung cancer, offering valuable information and support for patients and caregivers navigating this challenging aspect of the disease.

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