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Empowering Lives: Unveiling the Truth About Cancer with Dr. Sewanti Limaye And Vivek Sharma | UHAPO

Empowering Lives: Unveiling the Truth About Cancer with Dr. Sewanti Limaye And Vivek Sharma | UHAPO

Radiant Resilience: Empowering Lives Through Truth – A Journey with Dr. Sewanti Limaye and Vivek Sharma | UHAPO Chronicles

Vivek Sharma: My name is Vivek Sharma. I’m an author and social entrepreneur, and I  advocate for cancer and mental health. Today, we have a renowned Medical oncologist, Dr. Sewanti Limaye. She practices in Mumbai and does a lot of work for cancer treatment with a vast area of focus in Precision oncology. 

So, as you know when we are pursuing academic or professional seats, we’re a different person, and when we’re growing through life involved in personal growth we’re a completely different person. 

I as a person in the past always had a constant feeling of depression and suicide and felt that it was a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, after a tragic event in my life, I attempted suicide more than once and I’m quite vocal about it. 

And now when we talk about cancer, what matters is what resources are available to prevail us in living life with strength or persistence. Many times, movies or shows suggest that cancer means death, but individuals like you are doing extensive work for cancer patients, proving this belief wrong. In these circumstances, two important questions arise: first, how can people maintain hope, and second, what steps should they take to keep their hope strong while moving forward? What are your thoughts on this as a clinician?

Dr. Sewanti Limaye: You asked such a crucial question. Firstly, thank you very much for bringing this aspect to the limelight and making it an important point of discussion. I believe every battle is a mental battle first and then it is a physical battle.

For instance, if a child has to appear for an exam physically, you will sit with them and help them with their studies. However, if the child is not mentally and emotionally ready for the exam, and lacks proper mental preparation, they will naturally feel fear and anxiety about taking the test. This fear and anxiety might become so overwhelming that the child decides not to attend the exam and chooses to go somewhere else instead. We often hear many stories like this in today’s society.

Vivek Sharma: Yes, and due to this, we’ve lost so many children in these battle.

Dr.Sewanti Limaye: So whenever I see the journey of a cancer patient they believe diagnosis means your life is shattered. When people hear about it, the immediate thought is often – cancer means death. It’s quite natural to think that way. However, the strength within the human mind is remarkable, making this journey incredibly inspiring to combat the battle. Regarding why humans tend to embrace negativity first, I think cancer is a significant and frightening word. Numerous stories about it have circulated for decades. So, when someone hears it, the initial reaction is usually negative. But it teaches us that when facing difficulties or challenges, the human mind possesses a determination that can help overcome these obstacles. Therefore, I believe empowering oneself is the most crucial aspect of fighting these battles.

Today, if anyone has received a cancer diagnosis, instead of going to the place of negativity, surround yourself with positivity. It’s all about the mindset. Eliminating negative thoughts is crucial. Decide by yourself that you’ll get the best hospital, the best doctor, the best treatment, the best cure. It’s up to us to decide if we can achieve it. By approaching it correctly, we can find the best possible solution to our problems. Those with a negative approach, presuming treatment won’t work, will always face worse circumstances. So, if my voice is reaching the world, I want to say that it’s essential to remove fear from the mind and start searching for the best treatments, best centers, and by also learning how to get the best possible treatment.

Vivek Sharma: Fantastic, fantastic. Another question on my mind is about people who, midway through treatment, feel like giving up. They might think it’s been eight months, five months, and the end is inevitable. Consequently, they often give up. What would you like to say to patients facing such situations where courage starts to fade? 

Dr.Sewanti Limaye: In such situations, I’d like to suggest that one should appreciate every moment spent with their family. What the future holds is uncertain. Some people pass away from a heart attack, some from COVID. There are those people who thought they had a long life ahead but are no longer with us, while our cancer patients are still here, alive today. Even those predicted to succumb to cancer are defying the odds, fighting, experiencing victories and defeats, and persistently battling for their lives. Cancer is undoubtedly unpredictable, but life itself is unpredictable too. So, stay on the positive side, surround yourself with loved ones. If negativity creeps in, reach out to your family and friends, and firmly reject negative thoughts. Why? Because we have to emerge victorious in this battle!

Shut the door on negative thoughts. Why close the door? Because the battle is meant to be won. To emerge victorious, seek support from someone who uplifts and supports you. Seek support only from someone who fills your mind with positivity, and who strengthens you. Today, the only solution is to move forward – share with people, form a group, connect, reach out. These groups might be the solution to all your problems. It’s a mental challenge. Transform your mind into positive thinking and battle against cancer. At least, this positivity provides you with a chance to fight and live.

Vivek Sharma: That’s really courageous. You talked about a serious issue, but it’s very inspiring and encouraging to confront these life-threatening challenges. Even if the doctor says there’s no hope, at least try your best by putting in your maximum effort. Do what you can with what you have. The rest is up to God. Thank you so much for listening to us today!

Dr. Sewanti Limaye: Thank you for inspiring us today and Thank you for your valuable time!

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