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National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month in India is celebrated throughout the month of August. It emerges as a significant occasion dedicated to the holistic betterment of individuals across the nation. On this observance, UHAPO underscores the importance of holistic well-being for individuals facing the challenges of cancer. 

As the awareness around health and well-being continues to grow, the National Wellness Month observance offers a platform to delve into a wide spectrum of wellness practices by deeply rooting into India’s culture and heritage.

Why National Wellness Month is celebrated?

National Wellness is celebrated to focus on the physical, emotional, and mental needs of cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers. Here are the reasons Why National Wellness Month is specifically important for cancer patients –

  • It offers strategies to manage treatment-related symptoms and enhance day-to-day living.
  • Cancer patients often feel a loss of control due to their diagnosis and treatment. So, National Wellness Month empowers them by providing information and tools to actively participate in their health management.
  • A cancer diagnosis can be incredibly stressful. So, this month promotes stress reduction techniques, helping patients cope with anxiety and fear associated with their condition.
  • Caregivers of cancer patients also experience emotional and physical challenges. So, we recognize their role and provide resources to support their well-being on this month.
  • Emotional and psychological well-being is critical for cancer patients. The observance raises awareness about mental health and offers resources for managing the emotional impact of cancer.
  • Cancer patients often have unique nutritional needs. The month provides guidance on maintaining a balanced diet and incorporating safe physical activity during and after treatment.
  • It highlights the importance of early detection, cancer prevention, and regular screenings, promoting awareness and proactive health behaviors.
  • Integrative therapies and alternative approaches can complement cancer treatment. So, National Wellness Month introduces patients to practices that focus on the mind-body connection.

National Wellness Month in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment is focused on improving their quality of life by reducing the physical and emotional burden of cancer by offering a supportive environment where patients and caregivers can find valuable resources throughout their cancer journey.

Prioritize well-being 

A great way to start prioritizing mental health for cancer patients involves a holistic approach that addresses their physical, emotional, and mental needs. Here are some ways to focus on the well-being of cancer patients –

  1. Personalized Treatment Plans – Work with the healthcare team to develop a personalized treatment plan that considers the patient’s medical history, preferences, and overall health. Involve the patient in decisions regarding their treatment.
  2. Supportive Care – Offer access to a multidisciplinary team that includes oncologists, nurses, nutritionists, and mental health professionals. This team can provide comprehensive support throughout the treatment journey.
  3. Emotional Support – Recognize and validate the patient’s emotions. Offer access to counseling, support groups, and therapy to help them cope with the emotional challenges of cancer.
  4. Nutrition Guidance – Provide guidance from a registered dietitian who can create a nutrition plan tailored to the patient’s needs and treatment effects to support their energy levels and overall health.
  5. Pain Management – Prioritize effective pain management to ensure the patient’s comfort. Work closely with medical professionals to address any pain or discomfort associated with treatment.
  6. Mindfulness and Relaxation – Introduce mindfulness techniques, meditation, and deep breathing exercises to help the patient manage stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation.
  7. Support for Caregivers – Recognize the role of caregivers and provide resources to support their well-being. A well-supported caregiver can better support the patient’s needs.
  8. Holistic Therapies – Offer complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, or art therapy, which can provide physical and emotional relief.

Each cancer patient is unique, so individualization of approach based on their preferences and needs is necessary. Collaborate closely with the healthcare team to provide the best possible care and support.

Finding Resources in your community

There are several resources available within the cancer community to support individuals who are dealing with cancer such as Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), Indian Cancer Society (ICS), Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), and more.

These resources encompass various aspects of the cancer journey including medical information, emotional support, practical guidance, and advocacy. This reliable information offers individuals and families affected by cancer in India. Depending on your specific needs and interests, you can explore these resources to find the support and guidance that aligns with your cancer journey within the Indian context.

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