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"Revolutionizing Lung Cancer Treatment: Dr. Mohit Sharma & Mr. Vivek Sharma Unveil Breakthroughs!"

Revolutionizing Lung Cancer Treatment: Dr. Mohit Sharma & Mr. Vivek Sharma Unveil Breakthroughs!

Breathing New Life: UHAPO Unveils Game-Changers in Lung Cancer Treatment

Vivek Sharma: Hello. My name is Vivek Sharma, and you see me speaking on various platforms about cancer and mental health. Today, we have Dr. Mohit Sharma, Head of the Department at Fortis Delhi Medical College. Thank you very much, Doctor Sahab, for taking time off to talk to us about cancer.

Over the past few years, we both have had numerous encounters in events, and I’ve observed that you despite being a medical oncologist your approach toward cancer is quite methodical and scientific. So, I thought today we should make use of this opportunity to educate our audiences on new types of mutation. Your work is hugely related to lung cancer mutations. We have already previously engaged in discussions on EGFR and Alk-positive lung cancer.

There have been discoveries of new mutations lately that our viewers should be made aware of. Currently, a multitude of mutations in lung cancer have been identified such as MET and RET, and understanding these variations is essential to treat lung cancer effectively. In today’s era, there are diverse treatment mortalities, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy, to address these mutations.

One of the effective among them in dealing with this mutation is Targeted therapy, a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to target specific genes and proteins that help cancer cells survive and grow. In this, Firstly, the mutations will be targeted effectively, and secondly, there will be no occurrence of adverse side effects. 

Vivek Sharma: Okay, so doctor how do you know which mutation is related to lung cancer? 

Dr. Mohit Sharma: Yes, There is some genetic testing, IHC testing, and NGS panel ( Next-generation sequencing) testing done to identify the mutation of cancer. These mutations once discovered helps in the treatment perspective. Also, it helps in identifying the availability of specific drugs in the market to treat the mutation. So, these assist us in evaluating the treatment plan for the illness to achieve a good outcome for our patients. These guide us in staying informed about the prognosis to provide optimum treatment solutions.

In the past, access to EasyFar drugs was restricted, but now, increased awareness of their demand in the field of cancer has made them readily accessible. Therefore, it is crucial to be knowledgeable about the various forms of mutation formation to enable more testing to meet the growing demand.

As we know, a few years ago when we were studying at Tata Memorial Hospital, we used to say that a patient had lung cancer so the life expectancy would be probably 6 months to 1 year. But in today’s scenario, even Stage 4 lung cancer is not a death sentence. With the right treatments, patients can lead a healthy life.

Vivek Sharma: As you mentioned earlier on these three new mutations – RET, MET, and ROS mutations. What’s the status of these mutations? Is there any medications available for them.

Dr. Mohit Sharma: What happens is – when a new drug is introduced, the available data is limited as it is a recent addition in the treatment. The profiling of these adverse events is also incomplete because many of these drugs have not been in use for an extended period. Additionally, logistical challenges arise, compounded by financial issues that make them relatively expensive. However, these issues are expected to be resolved in the future as the supply of these drugs increases with the demand in cancer treatment.

Vivek Sharma: Oh that’s great to hear! Thank you so much doctor with your encouraging words, it served as a great source of motivation today, reminding us that in the face of cancer, it’s crucial to remain resilient and fight against it. Who knows what tomorrow has to offer? As long as there is life, surrendering holds no meaning. Amazing, thank you so much. So, You were listening to Mohit Sharma – a medical oncologist with me – Vivek Sharma, a Social Entrepreneur.

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