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Unlocking Insights: Dr. Vijay Patil & Mr. Vivek Sharma Discuss Lung Cancer Prevention | Uhapo Talks

Unlocking Insights: Dr. Vijay Patil & Mr. Vivek Sharma Discuss Lung Cancer Prevention | Uhapo Talks

Breath of Knowledge: Dr. Vijay Patil & Mr. Vivek Sharma Dive into Lung Cancer Prevention – Uhapo Unlocks Insights

Vivek Sharma: Hello. My name is Vivek Sharma, and you see me on various platforms. I convey mind-blowing facts and information on cancer and mental health. Today, I am here with Dr. Vijay Patil. Hello and thank you so much for this lovely coffee.

I will express my gratitude that you took some time out from your busy schedule. You’re very occupied with work, and I’d like to make the most of the few minutes we have. It’s November, which is recognized worldwide as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. You’re not only a medical oncologist but also a professor at a top institute, educating people and dealing with numerous cancer cases.

Could you share the main challenge in lung cancer today and suggest ways to prevent it, ensuring people everywhere can avoid difficulties? We often hear that tobacco is harmful, smoking can lead to cancer, but what practical steps can we take to shield ourselves from cancer?

Dr. Vijay Patil: Let me share essential information about cancer, focusing on Prevention and Early Detection. Starting with prevention, most lung cancer cases are linked to smoking. Tobacco use also contributes to lung cancer. We’ve included warnings on cigarette packages and made efforts to keep them away from children. Unfortunately, many people develop this habit at a young age, often between 10 and 25. Despite our efforts to restrict tobacco sales to those under 18, many young people still get addicted. Once someone is hooked, quitting smoking or giving up cigarettes, bidis, or chewing tobacco becomes a significant challenge.

I would like to suggest that it’s better if we focus on pre-model prevention here. Pre-model prevention means teaching children in schools so effectively that they find tobacco disgusting and never want to try it. Whether the person promoting it is a friend, senior, relative, or a role model from Bollywood, cricket, or elsewhere, it’s not okay. We need to erase this idea from children’s minds entirely. Educate them thoroughly so they grasp that it’s a filthy habit. If the upcoming generation avoids using tobacco, the chances of lung cancer incidents decreasing in the country within the next three years are likely.

For those who are already addicted, I’ll give one advice. If you care about your family’s health, stop using tobacco and cigarettes to prevent lung cancer and other lung issues like COPD, asthma, and bronchitis. The risk of heart attack and angina also goes up. You might even notice symptoms like clogged blood vessels. There are various diseases that can arise. If you want to quit, seek help from a psychologist. Nicotine patches can assist you in overcoming it. I strongly recommend consulting a psychologist because quitting tobacco and smoking requires a lot of determination. Family support is crucial, along with medical assistance.

I also want to advise those who may not be my patients but are listening and have been using tobacco for many years, perhaps around 20 years. Some of them have been smoking more than one packet. It’s important for these individuals to undergo a low-dose CT scan. Get it done and continue doing it for three years. If you’ve been smoking for 15 years, get the scan this year, next year, and the following year. Research indicates that doing this for three years can reveal if you are at risk of or already developing lung cancer. It can detect it in stages one, two, or three, where treatment is much more effective. Unfortunately, if you have lung cancer that has progressed to stage four, don’t worry, and consult with a medical oncology or chemotherapy specialist to determine the exact spread of lung cancer in your body.

It’s crucial to undergo a thorough examination. Some doctors may suggest starting chemotherapy quickly, while others may advise against it. In my opinion, if cancer is present but your discomfort is manageable, go for a comprehensive test and obtain your molecular reports. Wait for the report, and then initiate your treatment. Why am I suggesting this? Because almost 50% of cases of certain types of lung cancer can be treated with tablets. If there is no mutation, but markers are positive, immunotherapy medicines can be used for treatment, allowing the patient to live comfortably for up to five years. These tablets have been developed in the last seven to eight years, emphasizing the importance of identifying the type of lung cancer and individual molecular profiling before starting treatment. Take your time, and consult with a reputable medical oncologist for your treatment.

Let’s say I diagnosed someone with EGFR mutated lung cancer in March 2023. At that time, I would have prescribed Osimertinib medicines. If the same patient had come to me in May-June 2023, I might have recommended a combination of Osimertinib and chemotherapy. Now, in November 2023, if the same patient visits me, I would suggest Eminente Osimertinib along with Plasma Tenimiento treatment. This shows how much progress is happening in lung cancer treatment within just one year.

So, it’s really important to talk to a doctor who specializes in lung cancer because things are changing rapidly in cancer research. Additionally, we will be sharing our findings at ESMO Asia this December, specifically about the results of Eminente Osimertinib + Plasma Tenimiento for the Asian population.

Currently, it’s confidential information, and I won’t reveal it openly. If there’s positive news from there, you might witness a new approach to treating cancer.

Vivek Sharma: Amazing, thank you so much doctor. You shared really important information. Early detection can help treat cancer – you often see this message on buses outside Tata Cancer Hospital, and doctors stress it too. The message is simple – stop using tobacco, quit smoking, and join us by subscribing to our channel. Watch lots of informative videos and share them with others.

The doctor just talked about the significant progress in cancer treatment and research. You never know, this information might save someone’s life. Thanks a lot for joining us today! And Thank you everyone!

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